MIX A LOT: Contemporary art, Street art & Photography - auktion online 11 november

MIX A LOT: Contemporary art, Street art & Photography (4/11-11/11) är en kurerad konstauktion som innehåller en mix av samtida konst, urban konst och fotografi. Bland flera konstnärer kan nämnas Wes Lang, Kaws, Juliao Sarmento, Faile, Andy Warhol...

587534. Wes Lang, untitled

...Supreme, Banksy, Robert Longo, Bearbrick, Man Ray, Os Gêmeos X Louis Vuitton. 

Läs litteraturvetaren Alexander J Amadors reflektion på auktionen här:

The Work of Art in the Age of the Spray Can

It is certainly evident that our mode of experiencing art has changed much during the last few centuries. The question of ownership is here extremely central: to whom does a work of art belong? It is only in the 16th century with the advent of the first public galleries that art gains any sort of availability to the general public. Then in the present day we are faced with the interesting predicament of having the most prestigious artists of our day, the works of whom any art lover would pay dearly to have in their collection, refusing to capitalize of their works, completely or in part, producing works solely for the most public gallery of all: the street.

Herein lies the query before us to-day: is Street Art which has made its way of the street and into the gallery still Street Art? Does such domestication change its essence? A potential answer lies in the commentary provided to us artfully by Banksy recently, by way of his suicide-mission Girl with Balloon, which self-destructed more-and-more as the bidding climbed; in other words, the more commercial his work became, all the more it was destroyed. These painters of modern life paint not on canvas, nor with the brush. Their art is that of concrete walls and train cars. Obviously, they are a far cry from the court painters of old from whom one commissioned a painting like one would a pair of shoes. Certainly, such art can be put beneath the club and bought, but as Girl with Balloon made the art community ask itself: can it be owned?  

Alexander J. Amador

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