6225. Louis XV Autograph letter signed 1773

LOUIS XV (1710-1774), King of France 1715. Autograph letter signed (ALS) regarding the horses of Marie Antoinette, dated 16th of May 1773, signed "Bon".

4 pages (240x180 mm.) of which 1 written, to le comte de Tessé (René-Mans de Froulay) on paper with watermark depicting a Fleur-de-lis, 2 minimal holes, last blank page with minimal spots.
Letter signed by Louis XV demanding a sum of 25.000 French livres for a stable which will house the horses and carriages of Marie Antoinette ("Madame la Dauphine").

Together with an undated letter to the same Mr de Tessé regarding the same matter, probably from the l'abbé de Terray (the Controller-General). 2 letters.