6108. Heraldic works by Weber and Menestrier

WEBER, IMMANUEL. Examen artis heraldicae, maximam partemex insigni opere Speneraiano collectum,...Editio tertia... Jenae (sumptibus Ernesti Claudii Bailliar) 1713.
8:o (about 176x115 mm.). (18, last 2 blank), (1)-176, (2 blank) pp. Title printed in red and black, 7 folding engraved plates (1 with tear, 1 with some marginal damage, partly worn in the margins), 1 double-page printed table (included in pagination), engraved coat-of-arms in text. Title with cut-out signature. Some dampstaining in upper margin. Interfoliated with contemporary annotations, some marginal annotations and underlinings. Uncut. +
MENESTRIER, C. FR. Wolanständige Adels-Zierde, das ist, Neue anleitung zu der sogenannten Herold- oder Wapen-kunst... Ulm (in Verlag GeorgWilhelm Kühnen) 1694.
8:o (about 176x115 mm.). (30, probably lacking one blank leaf), 1-253, (3 blank) pp. Engraved frontispiece, folding printed title, 15 engraved plates (all, one with tear in lower margin). Uncut.

Contemporary vellum, somewhat worn, spine with manuscript title. At end 22 pages contemporary manuscript withbound. Old annotations on first free endpaper. Signatures on first endpaper of M. Fremling 1786 and Joh. Axel Crona Lund 1863. Bookplates of Wathier de Besche, Lars C. Stolt, and Karl Grillo Ankarswärd.