6059. Lazius' important De aliquot gentium migrationibus

LAZIUS, WOLFGANG. De aliquot gentium migrationibus, sedibus fixis, reliquiis, linguarùmque initiis, & immutationibus ac dialectis, libri 12. ... Primordia & posteritas singulorum, ... diligenti examine historiae, denique autorum annalimque cùm lectione tum collatione traduntur atque explicantur... Basileae (ex officina Oporiniana) 1572.

Folio (about 364x244 mm.). (3), 4-844 (in reality 840), (28) pp. Title with woodcut printer's device, nice figurative woodcut initials, 18 (8 full-page) woodcuts in text, some woodcut armours.
Later (early 20th century) light brown full leather, somewhat worn, spine in six compartments, red spine labels, red edges. 2 pages mended in lower margin. Partly some worming, mostly at end.

Wolfgang Laz, better known by his Latinized name Wolfgang Lazius (1514 - 1565), Austrian humanist who worked as a cartographer, historian, and physician. He later became curator of the imperial collections of the Holy Roman Empire and official historian to Emperor Ferdinand I.
It is thought that Giuseppe Archimboldo's painting The Librarian is a portrait of Lazius. (Wikipedia).