6056. Mirabilis liber Paris ca 1521-28

(BIRGITTA - BRIDGET OF SWEDEN). Mirabilis liber qui p(ro)phetias, reuelationesque necno(n) res mirandas preteritas, presentes et futuras aperte demonstrat.,.In duas partes presens liber distinguetur. Prima prophetias, revelationesque: quas latine scriptas offendimys continebit. Secunda vero & ultima: gallico ydiomate inventas enarrabit: quas ob ipsarum difficultate(m) latinitate donare omisimus. Paris (On les vend a Paris au Lyon dargent en la Rue sainct Jacques) no date (about 1524).

Small 8vo (about 155x103 mm.). (i)-cx (recte 108), i-xxviii ll. signed A-N8O4, a-c8d4, in all 272 pages. Title printed in red and black, a few leaves at the beginning also printed in red and black. Woodcut initials.
Later (18th century) red half morocco binding somewhat worn, spine with gilt title, gilt gauferred edges. About 40 leaves dampstained, 10 harder, mainly in upper outer corner. Minor foxing. Bookplate of Lolo Simon.

"Book of Predictions" of timeless actuality; in the 19th century it was thought to have predicted the French Revolution, and in the 19th century, Facism. First part in Latin, second in French.
The first part contains prophesies by Bridget of Swede, Catherine of Siena, Savonarola, and others.