6186. Eva Klasson Le troisième angle with 1 original

KLASSON, EVA. Le troisième angle. Paris (Eva Klasson et la Sociéte des Éditions Birth, France) 1976.

4to. With 1 original photo signed on verso 1977 (size 120x175 mm, minor wearing), loose in worn and slightly damaged wrapper, photo illustrations, all with tissue-paper. Black cloth with decorated covers, grey inner doublures, partly loose. Black and white cloth case which is partly fur-coated inside. Edition published in 1000 copies. Some leaves in the beginning partly loose.

Eva Klasson, born 1947 in Borås, Sweden, was a pupil of the famous Swedish photographer Christer Strömholm. The third angle is an artistic photo book with pictures of the artist´s body. Swedish artist and art critic Thomas Millroth said in an interview " Le troisième angle is one of the great forgotten artbooks".
Of the edition of 1000 copies, 200 signed copies were published with two original photographs. This edition has only one signed photograph.