6142. The Apollo program - 4 manuals and books 1969-71

NASA - THE APOLLO PROGRAM (4). Collection of manuals and books for the Apollo program.1969-71.

Apollo Spacecraft News Reference. Published by the Space Division of North American Rockwell in conjunction with NASA's Manned Flight Center, Downey California, 1969.
4:o (280x210 mm.). iv, 330 pages. Profusely illustrated. Original printed soft wrappers, worn and partly creased, slightly loose in binding, title page with signature of Carl O. Löfman and some stains, some notes and underlinings in pencil.
A comprehensive examination of the Apollo CSM as configured for the first manned and flown Apollo flight. Overviews of the entire
system and detailed reviews of the subsystems including crew, displays and controls, docking, earth landing, electrical power, environmental control, launch escape, reaction control, service propulsion, telecommunications, guidance and control and
space suit. Also includes sections on support including checkout and final test, safety, reliability and training and manufacturing. References cover subcontractors, biographies on associated parties, an Apollo glossary, briefs and glossary. Indexed for convenience.

Apollo Spacecraft News Reference. Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corporation. Published by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Manned Spacecraft Center. Texas, no year.
4:o (275x215 mm.). 210 pages. Profusely illustrated. Original printed soft wrappers, slightly worn and soiled with some spotting, spine with handwritten title in Swedish ("Månlandare"), front cover with signature of Carl O. Löfman.
A classic and critically important volume. The official Grumman News Reference for the Project Apollo Lunar Module and the handy guide to all aspects of the LM and its mission. Provided to newscasters covering the launch. This particular volume was published at the successful conclusion of the Apollo lunar program. Tabbed sections on the following: mission description, the Apollo spacecraft, lunar module, crew personal equipment, environmental control, controls and displays (includes foldout of instrumentation), guidance, nav and control, main propulsion, reaction control, electrical power, communications, instrumentation, lighting, PLSS (Portable Life Support System), LM derivatives for future space missions (which never occurred: Lunar Reconnaissance Module, LM Taxi, LM Shelter, LM Truck, Lunar Base Modeul, Lunar Payload Module, LM Laboratory), background, glossary, contractors, the moon and an index.

NASA. Familiarization & Operations Manual model A7L Apollo Block II contract end items (...)
Uncontrolled copy. No place, 14 February 1969.
4:o (280x220 mm.). 187 pages (printed on recto only). Xerox copied compendium bound with paper fasteners. Cover with handwritten annotation ("8812700149B Uncontrolled Copy" with the signature of Carl O. Löfman in the middle).

COLWELL, ROBERT N. Monitoring earth resources from aircraft and space. Washington D.C., National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1971. (NASA SP-275).
4:o (260x195 mm.). vii, (1, blank), 170 pages. Publisher's blue cloth binding, slightly bumped corners. First free endpaper with signature of Carl O. Löfman.

A collection of scarce reference handbooks and compendiums regarding the Apollo program (and Apollo Command and Service Modules) including manuals for the Lunar Module and description and drawings of space suits. The works are highly technical and illustrated with drawings and photographs and were printed for the use of the press.
These books were bought directly at the NASA press center by Swedish journalist and Emmy-awarded tv-producer Carl O. Löfman (1938-2016) who attended the launch of Apollo 13 in 1970 and witnessed the confusion first hand as an explosion occurred on the spaceship.