6122. Seachart of the east coast of Sweden Waghenaer

WAGHENAER, LUCAS JANSZ. Zee Custe van Sweeden otrent de Westerwÿk en tgatt vann Stockholm, beginnende va(n) Kalmar tot den Wigsteen en Rookoe gelegen bynnen tgatt va(n) Stockholm... 1583. Amsterdam 1584.

Hand coloured (old colour) engraved map embellished with two cartouches, fine compass roses, ships, sea-beasts and other animals like a bear, fox and wolf. Size c. 330x510 mm. Fine copy. Small tear to lower margin, centrefold. Fine frame with painted decor (Lövhammar).

Rare sea-chart of the south east coast of Sweden, depticting the area between Öland and the approach to Stockholm, with orientation to the Northwest, from Kalmar to Stockholm. Lucas Jansz (oon) Waghenaer (1533-1606) published the first printed sea atlas "Spieghel der Zeevaerdt " 1584-85.
Smalandt = Södermanland, Meller fluvius = Lake Mälaren.