6063. 17 volumes of Zervos' Picasso

ON PICASSO'S WORK. (21). ZERVOS, CHRISTIAN. Pablo Picasso. Catalogue raisonnée. II:1-2, IV, VI-XV, XXIX-XXX, XXXII-XXXIV. Paris (Editions Cahiers d'Art) 1982-86. (vol 29-33 1975-78).

4:o. Richly illustrated. Original wrappers, a few very slightly worn, slight bump to vol. 15. 17 volumes (of 34).

In 1926 Christian Zervos published the first issue of his art magazine "Cahiers d'Art" on contemporary art, which soon established itself as one of the leading art publications in Europe. The contents also included architecture, poetry, film, music and literature. 97 issues were published between 1926-1960, with a break 1941-1943.
In 1932 Zervos also started the publication of his magnum opus: Pablo Picasso - catalogue raisonnée, a large reference work, describing over 16.000 works of Picasso. Complete it consists of 34 volumes, of which 11 were published after Zervos' death in 1970.

Various editions, from vol. XX original printings.
Vol. I printed 1957, vol. II:1 1986, vol. II:2 1982, vol. IV-VI 1983, vol. VII-IX 1982, vol. X 1983, vol. XI 1984, vol. XII1983, vol. XIII 1984, vol. XIV 1986, vol. XV 1985, vol. XX 1968, vol. XXVIII 1974, vol. XXIX 1975, vol XXX 1975, vol. XXXI 1976, vol. XXXII 1977, vol. XXXIII 1978.