6449. Fries svampar 76 planscher

FRIES, ELIAS. Sveriges ätliga och giftiga svampar tecknade efter naturen. Stockholm 1860.

Folio. (Text not complete, see below). 76 coloured lithograph plates (of 94, lacks lithograph title, plates 1-17, and the unnumbered variant to plate X, some foxing or staining).
All loose with original worn wrappers (to part 3-10). Text some foxing. +
One more set of the same, but lacking plate 18 and 26, but 2 more of 20, 22, 23, and 25, that will make 161 coloured lithograph plates.

Text not complete, consists of pp. 15-53, (1 blank), (2).
Elias Magnus Fries (1794-1878), Swedish mycologist and botanist. Plates drawn by E. Pettersson and P. Åkerlund.
See Nissen, BBI:655.
Sold as a collection of plates, not subject to return.