6423. Fine map of Iceland by Blaeu c. 1640

ICELAND. BLAEU, G. - CAROLUS, G. Tabula Islandiae. Amsterdam (Guiljelmus Blaeuw) c. 1640.

Hand-coloured (old colour) engraved map with large figurative cartouche, title-scale of miles, 2 compass-roses, ships and sea-beasts in colours, also showing an eruption at the volcano Hekla. Plate area c. 380x500 mm. Centrefold as issued. Latin text on verso.

Carolus was a Dutch sea captain and cartographer who lived on Iceland for a short while.
Based on Mercator's version of Bishop Gudbrandur Thorlaksson's map it became the standard for mapping Iceland to the 18th century, and was printed in many editions by Willem Blaeu and Jan Jansson.