6408. Münster's famous monster plate c. 1550

CARTOGRAPHIC CURIOSITY. - MONSTERS. MÜNSTER, SEBASTIAN. (De Regnis Septentrion. Liber IIII. )Monstra Marina & Terrestria, quae passim in partibus aquilonis inveniuntur. Basel, c. 1550.

Woodcut plate c. 270x350 mm. Uncoloured. Some sligth folds. Framed.

A cartographic curiosity which presents mythical sea monsters that were thought to exist in the 16th century. Münster was influenced from Olaus Magnus' "Carta Marina" of 1539.
Many mapmakers used these monsters to illustrate the lands and seas of the unexplored world and Ortelius used many in his famous map of Iceland in 1587.
In the panel above there are also other land-based creatures, including reindeers, elk (shown pulling a sleigh), snakes, and a bear.

Provenance: Sten Ringselle (1949-2017), Swedish antiquarian bookdealer who in 1992 opened his shop Antiquaria in Gothenburg.