6265. Concilia omnia... tomus primus 1538

(CRABBE, P., editor). Concilia omnia, tam generalia quam particularia, ab apostolorum temporibus in hunc usque diem a sanctissimis patribus celebrata, & quorum acta literis mandata, ex vetustissimis diversarum regionum bibliothecis haberi potuere, his duobus tomis continentur. Tomus primus ea recenset concilia, quæ a beato Petro apostolo usque ad Johannem hujus nominis papam secundum servata invenimus. Quorum ordinem & nomina si quis accuratius desideret, versa pagina indicabit. (Vol. I of 2). Coloniae (Cologne, Petrus Quentel) 1538.

Folio (about 325x205 mm.). (16), I-DLXXVII, (2, last page blank) ll. Title within wide figurative woodcut border, verso of title with halfpage woodcut of emperor Charles V, woodcut initials after Hans Holbein - Froben (childrens alphabet).
Contemporary pigskin over wooden boards, somewhat worn, richly blindtooled, on upper board the initials NVA and year 1539 in black, brass fittings (clasps and straps missing), blank spine in five compartments, lacks endpapers. Fol. CCCCI damaged in lower outer corner. A few brownspots. A few pages with old marginal annotations. Old annotation on inside of upper cover, also mounted catalogue cut and library stamp of Roman Kaczmar.

VD16 C 5643. Vol II of the work was published in 1551. The present vol. I contains Canones, Decreta and Epistola from the beginning of the church up to pope Johannes II (dead 535).
From the library of Roman Kaczmar.