6250. Rainerius de Pisis Pantheologia, vol. I, 1477

RAINERIUS (REINERUS) DE PISIS. Pantheologia. Preface by Jacobus Florentinus. Vol. I (of 2). No place, printer or date (but Basel, Berthold Ruppel, 1477).

Folio (about 396x296 mm.). (30 [title and indexes], last blank), (400) ll. Double columns, 60 lines. The blanks left for the larger initials are sometimes (about 15) filled with fine capitals in red decorated with arabesque designs in mainly brown ink, some with other colurs, otherwise in red as the lesser initals.
Later (16th century) brown full calf over wooden boards, somewhat worn, blank spine in six compartments, binds in black. Lacks endpapers, new inner doublures, mended in the hinges. Some minor worming in inner margin, about 8 leaves with marginal tears, partly dampstained, mostly in the margins. Title with two older library stamps "BIBLIOTH. PUB. REG. STUTTG" and one other, inscribed between the columns "Pro Bibliotheca PP. Franciscanorum Recollecter in Rastatt 1730", and a overwritten inscription in upper marginal. On inside of upper cover bookplate of Swedish book artist Arthur Sjögren (1874-1951) and "IX. frimurar-provinsens arkiv och bibliotek".

GW M 36924; HC 1304; Collijn Stockholm 920, Collijn Uppsala 1296.
First edition printed in Nuremberg 1473 by Johann Sensenschmidt and Heirich Kefer, the present edition seems to be the fifth.
Rainerius de Pisa, a Dominican who died in 1351, wrote what must be one of the longest books ever composed in the Middle Ages.