6246. Miniature Prayerbook Low Countires after 1230

MINIATURE PRAYERBOOK, in Latin prose and verse, manuscript on parchment [Low Countries, thirteenth century (after c. 1230)]

161 leaves (plus 2 original parchment endleaves and one modern paper at front, and 3 original parchment and 3 modern paper at back), 80 x 55mm., perhaps wanting a Calendar from front, but that here textually complete, collation: i-xi8, xii6 (last 4 leaves originally blank, prayers added in fourteenth century), xiii-xix8, xx4 (wanting ii and iv, but text continuous), xxi7 (wanting last, these leaves originally blank and with prayers then added in fourteenth century), single column of 14 lines in a number of good and angular early gothic bookhands, ascenders and descenders in uppermost and lowermost lines reaching far into margins and touched in red, capitals touched in red, some red paragraph marks, red rubrics (some scuffed and faded), simple red initials, occasional corrections or reference words added in margin, a few important openings with three-quarter borders of a blue frame with red and blue half-fleur-de-lys shapes, fol. 45v with drawings of instruments of Passion in black and red ink (Cross, three nails, Crown of Thorns, flagellants' whip and spearhead), sixth and seventh gatherings loose, thongs at base split after eighth gathering, spots, stains and slight water damage throughout (the latter causing some erosion to gutters of upper parts of some leaves at back), first leaf with small hole, marks on edges of last leaves from a single metal clasp mounted on earlier binding, but overall good and presentable condition; worn seventeenth-century binding with gilt-tooled spine, cracks and small holes in spine.

1. Despite the eighteenth-century inscription in French on one of the front endleaves: "Petit Livre d'Heures 1402", there is little here of the fifteenth century. The volume was written in the thirteenth century for the use of a patron from the Low Countries (with SS. Lambert bishop of Maastricht-Liège, Ludger missionary to Frisia and Saxony, Cunibert bishop of Cologne, Willibrord the Northumbrian missionary to the Frisians, Lebuinus the Anglo-Saxon missionary to Frisia and patron of Deventer, and Odulf the canon of Utrecht in the Litany). Further prayers were added, apparently in the fourteenth century to blank leaves in the volume.
2. Roman Kaczmar, acquired 1985: his MS. 10.85, and with his inkstamp.

This volume comprises a large collection of prayers on Christ and the Passion, the Holy Blood, the Stabat mater, the Virgin, the Ave florens rosa, a prayer to be said "ante Missam" and at other parts of the Mass, including after the Mass of SS. Ambroise and Catherine the Virgin-martyr. The book ends with a Litany, followed by prayers and collects.

We would like to thank Dr. Timothy Bolton for the cataloguing of this lot.