6243. Page's autograph manuscript log book

PAGE, THÉOGÈNE FRANÇOIS (1807-1867). Captain of the frigate La Favorite. "Campagne de la Favorite. Journal" (manuscript title on upper wrapper). "Journal de Navigation et de Voyage a bord de La Favorite. 1-2" (text on first page).

Autograph manuscript log book, 2 volumes, each 340x230 mm, about 160 unnumbered pages (81 leaves), several blanks at end of volume I, densly written in a neat hand, becoming increasingly small towards the end of the second volume, interspersed with nautical observations, financial accounts, meteorological readings and numerous pencil and ink sketches of coastal profiles, scenery, architecture and artifacts, stitched in original plain paper wrappers, inscribed in ink on upper covers. Written on board La Favorite, 9 June 1841 to 5 January 1844.
Wrappers worn and spotted. Including some inserted loose papers. 2 volumes.

Löwendahl: China illustrata nova. Supplement, MS 8.
Page departed from the port of Brest in command of the frigate "La Favorite", charged with a scientific exploration on behalf of the French governement in the Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean, and the South China Sea. Vol. I is largely devoted to the voyage from France via the Cape of Good Hope to Madagascar and India, while vol. II deals at length with the Persian Gulf, India, and the entry into Chinese waters in July 1842, arriving at Macao in November of that year, and canton in January 1843, before returning home via the Dutch East Indies and Goa.
His meticulous log book reflects much more than his ability as a naval commander; it displays a keen and intelligent curiosity about the manners and customs of the various ports of call, with particular reference to their history and political institutions, past and present. Among the ephemeral documents and scraps of paper relating to the voyage, tipped in to the present manuscript, is a letter from Admiral Deperre, Ministère de la Marine et des Colonies, dated Paris 27 July 1842, 2 1/2 pages in 4:o, sent to Captain Page, who was in Manila at the time, congratulating him on his very interesting report on the persian Gulf.
Guy-Victor Duperré (1775-1846) was a French admiral, Admiral of France (1830), Peer of France and thrice Naval Minister.
Théogène François Page (1807-1867), captain of the frigate La Favorite, later rear admiral and military governor of French Indo-China.

From the library of Swedish antiquarian bookdealer Björn Löwendahl (1941-2013).