6234. Davis Chinese miscellanies 1865

DAVIS, JOHN FRANCIS. Chinese miscellanies; a Collection of Essays and Notes. London (John Murray) 1865.

8:o (about 190x125 mm.). (3), iv-v, (3, last blank), (1)-191, (1 blank), (1)-32 (book advertisements) pp.
Publisher's cloth, slightly worn, somewhat faded spine. (Bound by Edmonds & Remnants London). Minor foxing. Inscribed on title.

The inscription: "George Carve esq with the author's compts".
Löwendahl: China illustrata nova. Supplement, 1815.
I. Calculating machine - Common Tartar characteristics of Russian and Chinese. II. Huc's Travels in Tartary, Thibet, and China. III. The rise and progress of Chinese literature in England. IV. The roots of the language, with their threefold uses. V. The drama, novels, and romances. VI. Address to the China branch of the Royal Asiatic Society. VII. Chusan in British occupation. VIII. Analysis of a work on husbandry and botany. IX. Valley of the Keang to the port of Hankow.

From the library of Swedish antiquarian bookdealer Björn Löwendahl (1941-2013).