6158. 2 engraved plates "Lit à la Chine"

2 engravings "Lit à la Chine", signed "D"and "G".

From "Recueil elémentaaire d'architecture", 6, Paris, chez l'auteur (Jean François de Neufforge), 1763-65, each about 335x235 mm., executed by Daumont after Jean-Charles Delafosse.

Löwendahl: China illustrata nova. Supplement, E 25 and E 26.
The decorative style was inspired by elements from Chinese design. In France, "chinoiserie" reached its height during the reign of Louis XIV but continued into the 18th century, when it was adapted into the style known as "Louis XV" or "rococo".

From the library of Swedish antiquarian bookdealer Björn Löwendahl (1941-2013).