6141. Voltaire's Essay sur l'histoire générale 1756

VOLTAIRE, (FRANÇOISE-MARIE AROUET) DE. (8). Essay sur l'histoire générale, et sur les moeurs et l'esprit des nations, depuis Charlemagne jusqu'a nos jours. I-VII. No Place (Genéve, Cramer) 1756.
8:o (about 195x123 mm.). Titles printed in red and black with woodcut vignette.
Contemporary brown calf, worn, some cracks in the joints, bumped corners, gilt edges of covers, somewhat faded gilt spines in six compartments, damages at head and foot, marbled edges. Minor foxing. (Collection complette des oeuvres de Mr. de Voltaire, premiere edition. XI-XVII.)
Löwendahl: China illustrata nova. Supplement, 1638.
Chapters relevant to the history of China and Sino-Western relations: Chap. premier "De la Chine de son antiquité, de ses forces, de ses loix" (vol. I, pp. 9-21), chap. second "De la religion de la Chine" (vol. I, pp. 21-27), chap 48 "De l'orient et de Genzis-can" (vol. II, pp. 1-14), chap. 126 "De la Chine" (vol. III, pp. 245-252), chap. 127 "Des Tartares" (vol. III, pp. 253-254), Chap. 163 "De la Chine au dix-septieme siecle et au commencement du dix-huitieme" (vol IV, pp. 308-318), chap. 192 "Voyage de l'amiral Anson autour du globe" (vol., VI, pp. 107-114), and chap. 210 "Disputes sur les ceremonies chinoises" (vol. VII, pp. 96-98). +

VOLTAIRE, (FRANÇOISE-MARIE AROUET) DE. Essai sur les moeurs et l'esprit des nations. I (of III). Geneve (Cramer) 1769.
4:o (about 263x198 mm.). (4), 1-504 pp.
Contemporary brown calf, worn, partly mended in the joints, gilt edges of covers, gilt spine in six compartments, repaired at head and foot, clumsily made later spine-titles, red edges. Some foxing. (Collection complète des oeuvres de Mr. de Voltaire. VIII.) In all 8 volumes.
Löwendahl: China illustrata nova. Supplement, 1663.
Voltaire's "Essai sur l'histoire générale..." was originally published in 1756. Then, in 1765, a work entitled "La philosophie de l'histoire, par feu l'abbé Bazin" appeared. Voltaire was its author, writing under a psudonym. Four years later, in 1769, this work was placed as the introduction ("Discours preliminaire", pp. 1-164 with "De la Chine" on pp. 55-60) into the "Essai"; and the whole was published under the more succinct title "Essai sur les moeurs et l'esprit des nations". Voltaire devoted the first two chapters (pp. 172-189) of his "Essai" to China.

From the library of Swedish antiquarian bookdealer Björn Löwendahl (1941-2013).