6053. Lilius Orbis breviarium 1493

WITH WORLD MAPS. LILIUS (LILIO), ZACHARIAS. Orbis breviarium. Florentiae (Florence, Antoniae di Bartolommeo Miscomini) 5 June 1493.

4:o (c. 198x138 mm.). (130) ll., signed a4 b-q8 r6. 26 lines, roman type. With 2 almost fullpage woodcut maps / diagrams (schematic world maps) - a zonal map and a wheel map - printed in black and red on leaves q5 recto and a4 verso, last page with woodcut printer's device. Page a3 verso with woodcut borders.
19th century vellum with new spine label. Some minor foxing. Old marginal annotations (partly cropped).

Löwendahl: China illustrata nova. Supplement, 1553; GW 18351; Hain-Copinger 10101; Nordenskiöld (1889), pp. 38 & 44.
First edition of the cosmography of Zaccaria Lilio (1452-1522) which remained a popular manual of geography and cosmography for a long time. "Generalis Asiae descriptio" on leaves Q8 and r1 recto with references to China.
The two almost full-page diagrams are schematic world maps. In two red, superimposed circles, the solar circuits are indicated in black typography: "Circulus articul septentrionalis", "Tropicus cancri aestivalis", "Circulus aequinoctialis" etc. The other diagram shows the climatic zones of the earth "Zona frigida inhintabils", "Septimum promontes ripheos", "Sextum per boristhenes", "Quintum per urbem Romam" etc.
Very rare, only three copies in German libraries: Munchen, Stuttgart and Trier, no copy in Berlin.

From the library of Swedish antiquarian bookdealer Björn Löwendahl (1941-2013).