6013. Histoire... Académie... inscriptions 35 vols.

(35). Histoire de l'academie royale des inscriptions et belles lettres, depuis son etablissement jusqu'à présent. Avec Les mémoires de littérature tirez des registres de cette Académie, depuis son renouvellement ... I-XXXV ( of 50, not collated). Paris (De l'Imprimerie Royale) 1736-1770.

4:o (about 250x180 mm.). Engraved frontispieces, engraved partly folding plates (not collated).
Contemporary brown mottled calf, spines gilt in compartments, many bindings partly defective, a few joint split.
Some foxing. Bookplate of Hj. Lundgren. 35 volumes.

Löwendahl: China illustrata nova. Supplement, serials n (see individual numbers 1610, 11, 16, 20, 21, 27, 30, 34, 37, 44, 47, 48, 56, 57, 64, 65, 66).
Volumes I, III, V, VII, IX, XII, XIV, XVI, XVIII, XXI, XXIII, XXV, XXX, XXVII, XXIX, XXXI, and XXXIV, which are in two parts, have the title above; the others, except volumes XI and XXII, which are index volumes, have a different title: "Mémoires de littérature, tirez des registres de l'académie royale des inscriptions et belles lettres".
In total 50 volumes were published by the "Académie royales des inscriptions et belle-lettres" 1736-1809. The first volume covers the period from 1663, when the Academy was founded by Colbert (then wit a different name) to 1710, while the last four volumes cover the period 1784-1793.
In 1793 the Academy was suspended by the revolutionary Convention Nationale.
Each of the volumes described separately in China illustrata. Supplement, contains material of chinese interest.

From the library of Swedish antiquarian bookdealer Björn Löwendahl (1941-2013).