6005. The Great French Encyclopedia, 19 volumes

THE GREAT FRENCH ENCYCLOPEDIA. (19). DIDEROT, DENIS, - D'ALEMBERT, J. Encyclopédie, ou dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des métiers, par une Société de gens de lettres. I-XVII + Planches II premiere partie. Paris - Neufchastel 1751-65 (not complete, not fully collated).

Folio. With 205 engraved plates. Lacking 10 plate volumes, the Supplement I-V (incl. one vol. of plates), Table analytique I-II. (Engraved frontispiece lacking).
Contemporary brown calf, somewhat worn, slightly faded sparsely gilt spines in seven compartments, spine to vol. IV damaged at foot, redspeckled edges. Some minor foxing and staining.

Löwendahl: China illustrata nova. Supplement, 1632.
This encyclopedia contains numerous articles dealing with Chinese subjects or containing references to China and the Chinese. (Keywords include: "Asiatiques. Philosophie des Asiatiques en générale"; "Asie"; "Bibliothèque"; "Boussole"; "Chinchian"; "[La] Chine"; "Chingtu"; "Ching-yang"; [Philosophie des] Chinois [vol. III, pp. 341-348]; "Chit-se"; "cronologie sacrée"; "Fe, Fo, Foë"; "Formose"; "Fum-chim"; "Hing-pu"; "Hoatché"; "Jebuses"; "Ju-kiau"; "Kan-ja"; "Kim-te-tchim"; "King"; "Kitai"; "Ko-laos"; "Lao.kiun"; "Lettrés"; "Macao"; "Mandarin [Littérat]"; "Mangi"; "Miao-fses"; "Mine"; "Nids d'oiseaux"; "Noblesse littéraire ou spirituelle"; "O-Mi-to"; "Papier de la Chine" [vol. XI, pp. 851-853]; "Peking": "Pié [ortopédie]"; "Porcelaine"; "Poudre"; "Pouls"; "Quan-ton [Canton]"; "Rhubarbe"; "Rites, [tribunal des]"; "[Les] Seres"; "Si-fan"; "Soie"; "Somtou, ou Sontoc"; "Ta.ki"; "Taut-se"; "Taydelis"; "Tibet, ou Thibet"; and "Tien oy Tyen"). Many of these articles was written by Holbach.
In the present plate volume (vol. II, sec. I) there is "Caracteres et alphabets de langues mortes et vivantes" , 18 pages text and 25 engraved plates.
"Thibetan" on plate 22 with desciptive text on p.11, "Tartare mantchou" on plate 23 with descriptive text on pp. 11-12, and "Clés chinoise" on plate 25 with descriptive text on pp. 12-17, based on information by Michel-Ange-André Le Roux Deshautesrayes.
The same also included as an extract, bound in 19th. century red half-morocco, somewhat worn.

From the library of Swedish antiquarian bookdealer Björn Löwendahl (1941-2013).