6020. First modern celestial atlas by Gallucci 1588

FIRST MODERN CELESTIAL ATLAS. GALLUCCI, GIOVANNI PAOLO. Theatrum mundi, et temporis, in quo non solum precipuae horum partes describuntur, & ratio metiendi eas traditur, sed accomodatissimis figuris sub oculos legentium facile ponontur. Ubi astrologiae principia cernuntur ad medicinam accommodata,...Venetiis (apud Ioannem Baptistam Somascum) 1588.

4:o (c. 248x175 mm.). (16), 1-478 (extra inserted leaf paginated 280/281, between pp. 280-281), (2, errata), (8, "De harum paginarum usu") pp. Printer's woodcut device on title, 144 full-page woodcuts, comprising circular diagrams, dials and figures of constellations, of which 51 diagrams with volvelles (altogether 68 overlays or moveable parts [possibly 4-5 of the moveable parts partly in facsimile]; lacks the sometimes added folding table "Canon Sexagenarius", supplied in facsimile).
Modern vellum, worn, cracks in the joints, somewhat warped covers. Pages 463-478 with small "nick" in lower margin. Some marginal dampstaining, some minor foxing. Old signature on title of Domenici Ottaviano Paltoni, also two of his owner's stamps.

First edition, first issue, of one of the great early volvelle books. Rare.

Giovanni Paolo Gallucci (1538-1621), Italian astronomer. Gallucci's Theatrum mundi, et temporis, published in Venice in 1588, presents the 48 maps of the ptolemaic constellations and shows a beautiful collection of mythologic figures. The star positions are taken from the Copernicus's catalog.
This book is considered the first modern celestial atlas because in its maps Gallucci used a coordinate system and a trapezoidal system of projection that allow the accurate determination of the stellar positions. (http://www.bo.astro.it/~biblio/atlas/gallu-in.htm).