6009. Passeri on the Oscan and Etruscan languages 1775

ON THE OSCAN AND ETRUSCAN LANGUAGES. PASSERI, JOH. BAPTISTAE. Linguae Oscae specimen singulare quod super est nolae in marmore musei seminarii cum adnotationibus. Romae (typis Zempelianis prope Montem Jordanum) 1774. AND: AMADUTIO (AMADUZZI), JOH. CHRST (Ed.). Alphabetum veterum Etruscorum secundis curis illustratum et auctum. Romae (typis Zempelianis prope Montem Jordanum) 1775.

Folio (368x251 mm.). (2) III-XX, (2), XXIII-LXXXVII, (1 blank) pp. titles with engraved vignette, 4 woodengraved plates, 1 engraving in text, several engraved vignettes, initials, and culs-de-lampe.
Contemporary vellum, stained and worn, somewhat warped covers, damages to spine. Minor foxing throughout. Old partly erased signatures on title.

Passeri (1694-1780), antiquary to the Grand Duke of Florence and the foremost Etruscan scholar of his time.
First edition of the first work dealing with the Oscan language. The second work on the Etruscan language was published by Amaduzzi, the director of the printing press at the Congregatio de Propaganda Fide in Rome. The Etruscian types were engraved by P. Bonarotius about 1726 and later given to the Propaganda Press. This work was first published by Amaduzzi in 1771 and is here in its second, corrected and enlarged edition.