6003. Das Gebet des Herrn in den Sprachen Russlands

(DALTON, HERMAN). Das Gebet des Herrn in den Sprachen Russlands. St. Petersburg (Buchdruckerei der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften) 1870.

4:o (285x192 mm.). (5), VII-XII, (1)-88 pp.
Original boards, upper cover with the original printed upper cover preserved (some spotting), lower cover marbled, blank spine of black cloth. Title and last leaf browned from the boards. Minor foxing. Dedication to Prof. Dr. Zoeckler by Dalton on the printed front cover.

Rare language specimen of the Russian empire published on the occasion of Georg Freiherr von Meyndorf's 25-year presidency of the "Evangelische Haupt-Bibelgesellschaft für Russland"
The work is of typographical interest as exotic founts are used for Church Slavonic, Greek, Armenian, Georgian, Chinese Manchu, Japanese, Arabic and Hebrew respectively.