6001. The Etruscan alphabet 1771

ETRUSCAN ALPHABET. (AMADUTIUS [AMADUZZI], J. CHR.). Alphabetum veterum Etruscorum et nonulla eorumdem monumenta. Romae (Typis Sac. Congregationis de Propag. Fide) 1771.

8:o. (4), 5-37, (3, last 2 blank) pp. Title with woodcut vignette.
New paper boards. First edition.

This work about the Etruscan language was published by Amaduzzi, the director of the printing press at the Congregatio de Propaganda Fide in Rome. The Etruscian types were engraved by P. Bonarotius about 1726 and later given to the Propaganda Press.

From the library of Sven Höglind.