6022. Missal probably Padua mid-15th century

MISSAL MID-15TH CENTURY. Portable Missal, in Latin, illuminated manuscript on vellum. North-eastern Italy (perhaps Padua), mid-fifteenth century.

445 leaves (plus 3 modern paper endleaves at front and back), wanting a number of leaves and presently misbound, collation: i1 (first leaf taken from a gathering in order to place an illuminated initial at front of volume), ii-vi8, vii6, viii-x8, xi4, xii5 (one leaf cut away to a stub), xiii-xiv8, xv6, xvi-xxvi8, xxvii1 (the last leaf of a missing gathering), xxviii8, xxix8 (with last 4 leaves now singletons bound in), xxxx-xxxv8, xxxvi6, xxxvii1 (remains of a gathering), xxxviii6, xxxix-xli8, xlii7 (wants first leaf), xliii-lx8, lxi6, catchwords within ornamental penstrokes, single column, 18 lines in a small and rounded late gothic bookhand, capitals touched in yellow, red rubrics, human face in initial on fol. 26r, initials in red or blue, the larger with contrasting scrolling penwork, five larger coloured initials formed of coloured acanthus leaf sprays (one with a peacock-like bird in same colours, with an elaborate scrolling tail, pecking at the corner of the initial), that on current frontispiece with full border of similar foliage entwined around a coloured bar with bezants, with a geometric interlace cabochon enclosing gold and coloured panels in centre of bas-de-page (compare that opening a contemporary Paduan copy of Hegesippius, De excidio iudeorum, sold Sotheby's, 6 July 2010, lot 33), fol. 5 cut away at base with loss of a few lines of text, border of leaf in 20thgathering similarly cut away, some wear to a few leaves, scuffing to gold, trimmed at edges with losses to border decoration, overall fair and legible condition.
Modern vellum binding over wooden boards with yapp edges, in fitted beige cloth covered case. Dimensions of leaves: 150x110 mm.

We would like to thank Dr. Timothy Bolton for his cataloguing of the present lot.

Provenance: From the library of Ove Hassler (1904-87), Dean in Linköping, Sweden, and his son, Eivind Hassler (1939-2009).