6056. The philosophical writings of Maximus Tyrius

MAXIMUS TYRIUS, (CASSIUS). Dissertationes philosophicae, cum interpretatione & notis Danielis Heinsii hac secunda editione emendatioribus. Accessit Alcinoi in Platonem introductio. Lugduni Batavorim (apud Ioannem Patium) 1614.

8:o. (20), (1)-435, (1 blank), (2), 439-534, (2 blank); (7), 8-157, (37, last 2 blank) pp. Title printed in red and black .
Contemporary vellum. A few inkspots.

Greek and Latin text in two columns.
Maximus of Tyre (late 2nd century AD), also known as Cassius Maximus Tyrius, a Greek rhetorician and philosopher who lived in the time of the Antonines and Commodus. His writings contain many allusions to the history of Greece, while there is little reference to Rome; hence it is inferred that he lived longer in Greece, perhaps as a professor at Athens. Although nominally a Platonist, he is really an Eclectic and one of the precursors of Neoplatonism. (Wikipedia).
Provenance: The von Celsing family, Biby.