6050. A greek philosopher of the Socratic school

AESCHINES SOCRATICUS. Aischinu to Sokratiku dialogo treis (text in Greek), Aeschinis Socratici dialogi tres. De novo recensuit, vertit, et animadversionibus suis auxit Petrus Horreus. G. F. Accedunt ad calcem Fragmenta & indices copiosi. Leovardiae (Leuwarden, Franciscus Halma) 1718.

8:o. (16), (3), 4-181, (67) pp. Title printed in red and black with woodcut printer's device.
Contemporary vellum, redspeckled edges. First endpaper cut in upper margin.

Aeschines of Sphettus or Aeschines Socraticus (sometimes but now rarely written as Aischines or Æschines; c. 425 BC - c. 350 BC), son of Lysanias, of the deme Sphettus of Athens was in his youth a follower of Socrates. Historians call him Aeschines Socraticus-"the Socratic Aeschines"-to distinguish him from the more historically influential Athenian orator also named Aeschines. (Eikipedia.)
The three dialogues with titles: "De virtue", "De divitiis", and "De morte".
Provenance: The von Celsing family, Biby.