6023. Aimoinus history of France

AIMOINUS, M. F. Historiae Francorum lib. V. Ex veterib. exemplaribus multò eme[n]datiores. Cum indice copiosissimo, qui etiam locorum communium ac epitomes vicum supplet. Parisiis (apud Andream Wechelum) 1567.

8:o. (8), 1-795, (37, last two blank) pp.Title with woodcut printer's device.
Contemporary vellum, worn, partly defective ties, spine damaged in lower part. Partly dampstained in upper outer corner or upper margin. Some pages folded (by Celsing) in lower outer corner to mark interesting passages. Signature of Otto Comes Solm...? Paris Ao (15)71, signature of U. Celsing on first endpaper.

Aimoinus wrote the first 4 books, through A.D. 654. After his death, the work was continued anonymously, in two different monastaries, to the birth of Philip II in 1165. Preface by Jean Nicot.
First printed Paris, 1514, with title 'De regum procerumque Francorum origine gestisque', with author's name as Annonius.
Provenance: The von Celsing family, Biby.