6008. The periodical "Le misanthrope"

(EFFEN, JUSTUS VAN). (2). Le misantrope. Par Mr. V. E.** Nouvelle edition revuë & augmantée de plusieurs discours importans. I-II. La Haye (chez Jean Neaulme) 1726.

8:o. Titles in red and black with engraved vignettes.
Contemporary marbled calf, slightly worn, gilt edges of covers, gilt spines in five compartments, red edges. 2 volumes.

Justus van Effen (1684 - 1735) was a Dutch author, who wrote chiefly in French but also made crucial contributions to Dutch literature. A journalist, he imitated The Spectator with the publication of Dutch language Hollandsche Spectator. He gained international fame as a writer of French periodicals and a translator from English into French, and he is also recognized as one of the most important Dutch language writers of the 18th century and an influential figure of the Dutch Enlightenment.
As a translator from English to French, he translated Swift's "Tale of a Tub" into Dutch and Defoe's Robinson Crusoe, and is credited with a significant influence in the bringing of English literature to continental Europe
An enthusiast for English periodicals, and in particular, the The Spectator of Joseph Addison and Richard Steele, soon after first issues of The Spectator he launched Le Misanthrope (1711-1712) (a widely read journal referred to as "the first moralist periodical on the continent"), Le Bagatelle (1718-1719), Le Spectateur Français (1725) and then in his native language, the Hollandsche Spectator (1731-1735). (Wikipedia).
Provenance: The von Celsing family, Biby.