6004. Bayles great historical encyclopedia

BAYLE, PIERRE. (8). Dictionaire historique et critique... Cinquieme edition avec la vie de l'auteur, par mr. des Maizeaux. I-IV. Amsterdam - Leiden - La Haye - Utrecht (chez P. Brunel and others) 1740.

Folio (420x265 mm.). 4 titles printed in red and black with engraved vignette, 1 engraved vignette.
Uncut in contemporary red half leather, somewhat worn, faded spines in six compartments. Minor foxing. +

CHAUFEPIÉ, JACQUES GEORGE DE. Nouveau dictionaire historique et critique, pour servir de supplement ou de continuation au Dictionaire historique et critique de mr. Pierre Bayle. I-IV. Amsterdam - La Haye (Chez Z. Chatelain and others) 1750-56.

Folio (420x265 mm.). 4 titles printed in red and black with engraved vignette.
Bound as previous, but vol. IV uncut in contemporary brown half calf, somewhat worn, spine in seven compartments. Minor foxing. 8 volumes.

Pierre Bayle (1647-1706). French philosopher and writer best known for his seminal work the Historical and Critical Dictionary, published beginning in 1695. One of the first encyclopaedias (before the term had come into wide circulation) of ideas and their originators. In the Dictionary, Bayle expressed his view that much that was considered to be "truth" was actually just opinion, and that gullibility and stubbornness were prevalent. The Dictionary would remain an important scholarly work for several generations after its publication. (Wikipedia).
Provenance: The von Celsing family, Biby