6484. Letters by Mann to Lisa Tetzner and Kurt Kläber

MANN, THOMAS (1875-1955), German author, Nobel prize in literature 1929.

Typed letter (in German) signed to the German author Lisa Tetzner Kläber, on printed stationary letter paper, dated Munich 29 July 1925, 1 page. And some more letters and cards to Lisa Tetzner Kläber und Karl Kläber.
7 letters and 4 postcards. Photo.

From: Ernst Toller (1893 - 1939), German left-wing playwright, best known for his Expressionist plays and serving as President of the short-lived Bavarian Soviet Republic, for six days.
Typed letter (in German) signed and with manuscript note, dated London 29 June 1934, 1 page in 8:o, holes in left margin.
Martin Andersen Nexö (1869-1954), Danish author.
Typed letter (in German) signed, dated Gentofte, 12 july 1935, 1 page in folio. Marginal worn, holes in left margin.
Lagerlöf, Selma (1858-1940), Swedish author, Noble prize in literature 1909.
Autograph letter (in German) signed, dated Mårbacka 25 January 1837, 2 pages in 8:o.
Alfred Neumann (1901-1952), German author.
Typed letter (in German) signed, dated Florence 5 november 1951, 1 page in 8:o.

And furthermore 2 letters in German, undated) and 4 postcards (in German) dated between 1919-1922.

Lisa Tetzner (1894-1963), German-born Swiss children's writer, married to Kurt Held (in reality Kurt Kläber, 1897-1959), German author and communist of jewish ancestry. They fled Germany for Switzerland in 1933.