6016. Nice illuminations

CARACCIOLUS, ROBERTUS. Sermones quadragesimales... I-III (part 1 not complete). Venice (Franciscum Renner de Hailbrun) 1479.

4:o. (230x170 mm.). 211 (of 426, lacks ll. 1-216 in part I, and last blank in part 2.). Gothic type, 2 columns, 48 lines. 3 leaves with nice handpainted flower guirland in gold, green, black and lilac, 4 larger initials in the same colours. All other initials painted in red, throughout with red initial strokes.
Contemporary red vellum on wooden boards, worn, large renovations, clasps (one later) and fittings with later straps. Wide margins. Minor foxing, some minor marginal dampstaining. Contemporary marginal annotations. Bookplate of Falk Simon. Photo.

The binding consists of following three parts:
1. Sermones quaadragesimales de poenitentia... 24 ll. signed 6.8 - 8.8, lacks first 216 ll. signed a8 - y8
2. Sermones de adventu... Bollanus: De conceptione BMV, 111 ll. signed A8 - O8
3. Sermones de timore divinorum iudiciorum... 76 ll. signed aa8 - hh8, ii12.
The missing part of part I has been missing from the beginning, if you consider the contemporary binding and the paintings made by the same illuminator. The parts are bound in the following order: 3, 1, 2.
Hain-Copinger 4462; GKW 6039.