1010. A Tibeto-Chinese Thangka Depicting Avalokiteshvara

A Tibeto-Chinese Thangka Depicting Avalokiteshvara, wearing a green scarf over the antelope skin and a lower garment of green and red gold embroidered silks, seated on a white lotus platform and framed by a gold-rimmed blue areola and red nimbus, holding the lotus and mala and displaying the gesture of greeting with his four hands, joined by Manjushri and Vajrapani in the bottom corners and a Stupa in the middle, framed, inscription at the back, late 18th century, c. 41.5 x 31.5 cm; wear, creases with associated minor colour losses

Sold at Bukowskis, 1945, catalogue number 334, p. 88
Sold at Bukowskis, 9 April 1965, catalogue number 375, p. 105, lot 947